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14 Secret Fried Chicken Tips You Must Know

by Khushi Hossain
Fried Chicken Tips

Have you ever tried fried chicken that is crispy externally and juicy internally? If yes, you may also have tried to make them at home. Unfortunately, most people fail to bring the crisp and juiciness and need to learn about great fried chicken tips. 

The fried chicken tips I will give you are rare knowledge. I’m about to share some secrets, like when you should put the chicken pieces into oil to fry. What to do with breeding? How many chicken pieces can you fry at once? and more. 

I have 14 tips to make your chicken fry taste perfect enough that guests wouldn’t help but praise you. So here are the easy-to-follow tips to make restaurants like fried chickens. 

My 14 Proven Fried Chicken Tips for Success

1. Don’t Pick a Giant Chicken to Fry 

Always use a medium-sized chicken to fry chickens for your guests. Big chickens will not taste good as they are hard to fry and require spices to be tasty. Try using a chicken that weighs two to three pounds. Frying a larger-sized chicken will only produce uncooked meat with an overcooked crust. 

2. Cut the Chicken into the Correct Pieces

Friend chickens made at home are also expensive as they offer a lot of oil. So, do you want to save money? It’s easy. There is no need for anybody’s help; you can cut the entire chicken into your desired shapes and sizes. 

3. Marinate the Chicken in Buttermilk

The top secret of making a soft, tender, and juicy chicken fry involves soaking the chicken pieces in buttermilk. But you must do the marination process the day before you fry. Since buttermilk has enzymes and acids, they break the proteins down, producing juicy and tender meat. 

4. Seasoning the Flour 

In many countries, people season the chicken, which is the wrong approach to making the right chicken fries. But the proper way to make your fried chicken tastier is to season the flour with various spices, like red chili, a bit of grated garlic and ginger, or any other spice you like.

However, if it’s a classic chicken, don’t use any spice or flavor other than black pepper and salt. 

5. Double Dredge Chicken on the Flour 

The thicker the crust on the chicken, the crispier it gets. Hence, you need to dip every piece of chicken in the egg wash and flour twice. Although you may feel annoyed as your hands will get clumpy, trust me, you won’t regret it. 

6. Choose the Best Breading 

In many recipes, you will find that the chef uses cornflakes, bread crumbs, or beer batter and claims to get the perfect crunchiness. However, plain flour works the best. It stays well with the chicken’s body and gets fried properly, making it crispy without effort. 

7. Use a Skillet to Fry 

Now, this may seem unimportant and something you can skip. However, a cast-iron skillet with high sides will do the best to fry the chickens right unless you cook for many people, such as those over 50.

Use a deep fryer only when there’s a party and you have fifty or hundreds of guests. The skillet will not only help you get crunchy but will also make turning the chicken upside-down easy. 

8. Allow High Smoke Point Oil

It’s better to use any neutral-tasting oil with a high smoke point, such as canola oil, lard oil, or peanut oil. Of course, oil plays a vital role in increasing the taste of fried chicken, but only when you add the chicken pieces at the right time. When is the right time? When you see the oil has become hot enough that it’s creating smoke.

Remember, not only frying in hot oil but also putting the uncooked chicken in hot oil will do the best job of making the outer part crunchy and the inner part juicy.

9. Frying Chickens in Hot Oil 

Never fry chickens in cold oil. Please wait until the oil gets hot enough since cookies in less hot oil will bring off the bread or make it soggy. The best temperature to fry chickens is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. And it will take 10-12 minutes per side.

10. Avoid Crowding the Pan 

Refrain from crowding the pot or pan you’re using to cook. There should be enough space between the chickens to reach oil in every corner. I recommend only frying one or two pieces at a time if the pot size is small. If the pan is big, try to fry up to three to four pieces at a time.  

11. Cover the Pot with a Lid 

When frying chickens, many people should have covered their pans or pots with a lid. This one mistake resulted in a more crispy external layer and less cooked from the inside.

Of course, you want the chicken to be cooked perfectly from every part. Hence, use a lid made of glass. This is what I do since it allows the heat to return to chickens; thus, they are cooked well internally. 

12. Keep it Hot Until You Start Eating 

When you’re done making chicken fries, don’t let them get cold. This way, the crispness will fade. If you aren’t hungry when frying is done, cover them with a metal-made lid that will hold the heat. You can also microwave it later before eating hot and fresh. 

13. Never Fry a Whole Chicken Breast 

Do you love to enjoy fried chicken breasts? Then, it would be best to remember that frying a whole breast of chicken will result in an uncooked fry.

To avoid this, cut the chicken breast in half crosswise. This will not allow the white meat to get dried. Moreover, it will get the same amount of heat from every side and will be cooked well.

14. Don’t Serve Right Away 

No matter how hungry your guests are, wait to serve them. Serving fried chicken immediately after taking them out of the hot oil is a common mistake many make. Putting hot fried chicken directly inside the mouth will burn the tongue of any person, and the oil will stop them from enjoying the juiciness.

So, first, take them on a plate with tissue and soak out additional oil. Let it cool for 2 to 3 minutes, and then enjoy the ten-on-ten yummy, tender, and crunchy fried chicken with your friends and family. 

Final Words 

I hope you like these fried chicken tips. I follow them and get amazing results each time. Cooking is indeed an art, and art involves efforts and tricks. Do you have other queries relating to fries?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just send a message or comment, and I’ll respond in no time. 

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