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Best Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

by Khushi Hossain
Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

I can clearly recall the days when my grandma used to bake nut cakes on holidays. The perfect combination of the taste of the cake and the crunch of loaded nuts still gives me nostalgia and makes my mouth watery.

Growing up, I wondered what was so special in those old nut cakes! Only when my grandma shared her special recipe to make it, I realized how she managed to bake a treat that blasts yummy.

Today, in this blog, I will share the magic with you, the best old fashioned nut cake recipe from the best baker’s generation.

The Specialty of my Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

Well, Nut cake is a versatile style of cake with different versions. You can modify the recipe and make them with separate kinds of nuts. Thus, it varies in taste. 

If you talk about my nut cake recipe, let’s say following this, you’ll get a full base grandma style old fashioned nut cake recipe loaded with nuts that has a rich and creamy taste, must look cushiony, and gives you a soft yet crunchy texture at the same time.

This recipe is special as it consists of black walnuts, and it is a big one for a full base cake for special occasions. You can bake this on holidays as it is the perfect suit cake for any special occasion.

Ingredients for Old Fashioned Nut Cake Cake

Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

It is indeed going to be a round base cake. However, it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to bake this amazing granny style old fashioned nut cake.

Self-rising Flour

I use 3 cups of self-rising flour instead of all-purpose flour for this recipe. This is because self-rising flour already includes all-purpose flour and some raising agent, which helps the cake to become more fluffy and tasty.


Butter makes every cake look and tastes better. It enhances the cake’s texture and adds a rich flavor to it. Add only 1 cup of butter to the batter and 2 cups to the icing.

White Sugar

Use white sugar instead of brown sugar to enhance the taste of the cake. Add 2 cups of it to the cake batter.

Icing Sugar

You can grind white sugar and prepare the icing sugar for the frosting or icing of the cake. You’ll need 2 cups of icing sugar to make the frosting. 


Eggs are one of the most crucial raw elements in baking a cake like a pro. Add 4 raw eggs to the batter.


No food is made without a pinch of salt. The agent fulfills the demand of our watering mouth for any food. Include 1 teaspoon salt in the batter for the nut cake.

Baking Powder

This recipe includes self-rising flour, so you’ll need a small amount of baking powder to make the cake rise and fluff. So, use 1 teaspoon of baking powder only.

Carnation or Pasteurized Milk

It is best to use carnation milk for both the batter and the icing as they contain a richer and creamy taste, which bombs the cake in taste. You’ll need 1 cup of milk for the batter and 2 cups for the frosting.


To add a tropical flavor to your cake, add ground coconut. Prepare 1 cup of ground coconut for the batter and 2 cups for the icing.


You’ll need a lot of pecans for this recipe. Chop the pecans and prepare 1 cup for the batter and 2 cups for the frosting.

Black Walnuts

It is a nut cake recipe, so obviously, you’ll need a lot of black walnuts. Get 1 cup of chopped walnuts for the batter and 2 cups for the icing.

Vanilla Extract

No cake is ever baked without any essence. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or extract to the batter to remove the odor of raw ingredients and have a rich smell and flavor.


Before spreading the batter, you’ll need some shortening to grease the baking pans.

How to Make Nut Cake

Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

Step 1: Preheating and Preparations

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 15 minutes and prepare the baking pans by applying shortening and dusting flour.

Step 2: Mix the Major Ingredients

Take a large mixing bowl and add butter and white sugar to it. Mix them well; you’ll see the sugar mixing with the butter melting. Then, add the eggs, vanilla essence, and flour to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Step 3: Add the Other Elements Mixed in a Separate Bowl

Now, take a separate bowl and put salt and baking soda in it. Mix it well, then add it gradually to the main batter. While adding it to the batter, pour the milk, too.

Step 4: Add Coconut, Pecans, and Black Walnuts

Add the ground coconut, pecans, and Black Walnuts when the mixture looks well mixed. Give the mixture a final whisk. 

Step 5: Put the Batter on the Baking Trays and Bake

Spread the batter in the baking trays and bake for 30 minutes. While the cake is baking, step ahead to make the frosting for the cake.

Step 6: Melt the Butter and Mix Other Elements

To make the caramelized icing, melt the batter in a pan on the stove on low to medium flame. Add sugar carnation/pasteurized milk. Stir and cook it well. 

Step 7: Add More Coconut, Pecans, and Black Walnuts

Once you see the icing is having little boils continuously, it’s time to add the coconut, pecans, and black walnuts. Mix them well and turn off the stove. Put the icing to cool down.

Step 8: Cool Down the Frosting and Spread It to the Cake

By this time, your cake should be ready. Take it from the baking trays, cool it down, and set it on the cake stand. Put icing on each part of the cake. Make sure you put the icing between the parts, on top, and all around the cake.

My Secret Tips for the Best Nut Cake

Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

Here are some secret tips to bake old fashion style nut cakes even better.

  • Leave butter and eggs overnight to soften. It makes melting and beating them easier while making the batter.
  • Use a fork to mix dry ingredients. It helps to remove the lumps faster.
  • While adding milk or water to the batter, gradually pause between each pour. Do not put all the liquids together.
  • Use a spatula to remove the sticking batter from the bowl’s walls and mix it well with the whole batter.
  • Store the cake in the refrigerator for better storage, and the cake remains delicious.

How to Store Nut Cake?

Nut cakes stay good to eat at room temperature. However, if you have made a full base nut cake, you might need to store it in the refrigerator. You can do it without hesitation for 5 to 6 days.

But, ideally, eat the cake between 3 to 4 days after baking it. 

Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

Old Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

Serves: 12 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 321 calories 15 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
( 2 voted )


  1. 1 Cup Butter (2 Sticks)
  2. 2 Cups of White Sugar
  3. Shortening
  4. 4 Eggs
  5. 3 Cups of Self-rising Flour
  6. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla-flavored Essence
  7. 1 Teaspoon Salt
  8. 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
  9. 1 Cup Pasteurized Milk
  10. 1 Cup Ground Coconut
  11. 1 Cup Pecans
  12. 1 Cup Black Walnuts

Ingredients for the Icing

  1. 2 cups butter (4 sticks)
  2. 2 cups icing sugar
  3. 2 cups carnation or any other pasteurized milk
  4. 2 cups pecans
  5. 2 cups coconut
  6. 2 cups Black Walnuts


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes and apply shortening on the baking pans.
  2. Melt and mix butter and white sugar in a large bowl and gradually add eggs, self-rising flour, and vanilla extract and mix nicely.
  3. Mix the salt and baking powder in a separate bowl and add it to the main batter. While adding it, pour the milk gradually into the batter. Then mix well.
  4. Add coconut, pecans, and black walnuts to the batter and mix.
  5. Put the batter on the baking trays and bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Prepare the caramelized icing on a pan on low flame by adding butter, sugar, and milk.
  7. When boiling comes while cooking it, add the coconut, pecans, and walnuts.
  8. Cook for a little more, take it off of the stove, and set it to chill.
  9. Take the cake out of the oven and remove from the pans to cool down.
  10. When both the cake and icing are chilled, spread the icing nicely to the cake.
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Bottom Line

As you’ve come this far, I hope this guide to the old-fashioned nut cake recipe has helped you better understand how to bake these cakes now. Apply the above recipe and tell us how it tasted in the comments.

Don’t forget to apply the secret tips to give your cake a heavenly touch of taste. 

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