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Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with heavy Cream

by Khushi Hossain
rhodes cinnamon rolls recipe

Are you looking for Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe? Try this cinnamon rolls with heavy whipping cream and brown sugar. Here you go and try my Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream.

Why do People Love Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream?

Many people enjoy Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream for various reasons. One key factor is the rich and creamy texture that the heavy cream adds to the overall experience. This texture enhances the soft, fluffy nature of the rolls, creating a delightful contrast in every bite.

Another aspect contributing to the popularity of this combination is the flavor contrast. The sweetness of cinnamon rolls pairs harmoniously with the slightly sweet and rich taste of heavy cream. Together, they create a balanced flavor profile, with the warmth and spice of cinnamon complemented by the luxurious and indulgent notes of heavy cream.

The temperature contrast also plays a role in the appeal of this pairing. Serving warm cinnamon rolls with cold heavy cream adds an extra dimension to the sensory experience, as the warmth of the rolls slightly melts the cold cream.

Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with heavy whipping cream

Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream: Cinnamon rolls, in general, are a classic and beloved treat, and when paired with heavy cream, it can evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, or a sense of tradition. This familiarity may contribute to the overall appeal of the combination.

The decadence and indulgence associated with Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream make it a favored choice for those looking to treat themselves to a rich and satisfying dessert on special occasions or as a comforting indulgence.

Now let’s start with my Rhodes Cinnamon Roll Recipe (Cinnamon rolls with heavy whipping cream and brown sugar)…

Ingredients for Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Let’s break down the key ingredients used in the Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar recipe:

  1. Rhodes Frozen Cinnamon Rolls:
    • These are commercially available frozen cinnamon rolls that typically come in a package. They are convenient and easy to use, requiring thawing and rising before baking. The rolls serve as the base for this delicious treat, providing a soft and flavorful foundation with a hint of cinnamon.
  2. Heavy Whipping Cream:
    • Heavy whipping cream, often just called heavy cream, is a dairy product with a high fat content. It adds richness and a velvety texture to both the cinnamon rolls and the overall dish. When baked, it contributes to a luscious and creamy consistency, enhancing the flavor and mouthfeel of the dessert.
  3. Brown Sugar:
    • Brown sugar is a sweetener that contains molasses, giving it a distinct caramel-like flavor and a moist texture. In this recipe, brown sugar is used to sprinkle over the cinnamon rolls before baking. As the rolls bake, the brown sugar caramelizes, creating a sweet and slightly nutty glaze that complements the spiced nature of the cinnamon rolls.
  4. Chopped Nuts (Optional):
    • Chopped nuts, such as pecans or walnuts, are optional and can be added for additional texture and flavor. Nuts contribute a crunchy element to the soft and pillowy cinnamon rolls, providing a delightful contrast. They also add a nutty richness that pairs well with the sweetness of the brown sugar.
  5. Melted Butter:
    • Melted butter is brushed on the bottom of the baking dish to prevent the cinnamon rolls from sticking. It also adds a buttery flavor to the rolls and aids in achieving a golden-brown crust during baking.


Rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream: Here are some potential substitutes for the main ingredients in the Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar recipe:

  1. Rhodes Frozen Cinnamon Rolls:
    • If you don’t have access to Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls, you can use another brand of frozen cinnamon rolls or make your own from scratch using a homemade cinnamon roll recipe.
  2. Heavy Whipping Cream:
    • A common substitute for heavy whipping cream is whole milk or half-and-half, but keep in mind that the texture and richness may vary. Alternatively, you can use coconut cream for a dairy-free option.
  3. Brown Sugar:
    • You can substitute brown sugar with an equal amount of granulated sugar mixed with a small amount of molasses. Dark brown sugar has a stronger molasses flavor, so adjust accordingly based on your preference. Coconut sugar is also a possible substitute.
  4. Chopped Nuts (Optional):
    • If you or someone you’re serving has a nut allergy or you prefer not to use nuts, you can omit them entirely. Alternatively, consider using seeds like chopped sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds for a crunchy texture.
  5. Melted Butter:
    • Vegetable oil or melted coconut oil can be used as substitutes for melted butter. Keep in mind that these alternatives might impart a slightly different flavor.

Cooking Instructions: Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

rhodes cinnamon rolls with heavy cream

Here are the cooking instructions for Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar, organized with proper subheads:

  1. Thaw and Rise Cinnamon Rolls: Follow the instructions on the package of your chosen cinnamon rolls for thawing and rising. Allow the frozen rolls to rise until they have doubled in size, following the recommended time frame provided by the package.
  2. Preheat the Oven: Preheat your oven according to the package instructions for the cinnamon rolls. This step ensures that the oven is ready for baking when the cinnamon rolls are prepared.
  3. Prepare Baking Dish: Brush the bottom of a baking dish with melted butter. This helps prevent the cinnamon rolls from sticking to the dish and adds a buttery flavor to the bottom layer.
  4. Arrange Cinnamon Rolls: Place the risen cinnamon rolls in the prepared baking dish, leaving some space between each roll. Ensure an even distribution for consistent baking.
  5. Drizzle with Heavy Whipping Cream: Pour the heavy whipping cream evenly over the cinnamon rolls. This step adds richness and creaminess to the rolls, enhancing their flavor and texture.
  6. Sprinkle with Brown Sugar: Sprinkle the brown sugar over the cinnamon rolls. Evenly distribute the sugar to ensure a caramelized glaze during baking. Adjust the amount based on your desired level of sweetness.
  7. Optional: Add Chopped Nuts: If desired, sprinkle chopped nuts evenly over the rolls. This step adds a delightful crunch and nutty flavor. Consider using pecans or walnuts for a classic touch.
  8. Bake to Perfection: Bake the cinnamon rolls in the preheated oven according to the package instructions or until they are golden brown and cooked through. Keep an eye on the rolls to prevent over-baking.
  9. Cool Slightly: Allow the cinnamon rolls to cool slightly in the baking dish. The heavy whipping cream and brown sugar will create a caramel-like glaze as they cool.
  10. Serve Warm and Enjoy: Serve the cinnamon rolls warm, allowing the luscious mixture of heavy whipping cream and brown sugar to enhance the overall taste and texture. Enjoy this decadent treat as a delightful dessert or indulgent snack.

Serving & Storing Tips

Serving Tips:

  1. Freshly Baked Enjoyment:
    • These cinnamon rolls are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven when they are warm and gooey. The aroma and flavors are at their peak during this time.
  2. Presentation:
    • For an elegant touch, consider dusting the cinnamon rolls with a light sprinkle of powdered sugar just before serving. This adds a touch of sweetness and enhances the visual appeal.
  3. Accompaniments:
    • Serve the cinnamon rolls with a dollop of whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a drizzle of caramel sauce for an extra layer of indulgence.
  4. Pairing Suggestions:
    • Pair the cinnamon rolls with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or a cold glass of milk to complement the sweetness of the dessert.

Storing Tips:

  1. Refrigeration:
    • If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The cold storage will help maintain freshness.
  2. Microwave Reheating:
    • When reheating individual portions, use a microwave for a short burst (10-15 seconds) to restore warmth without drying out the rolls.
  3. Oven Reheating:
    • For a larger batch, consider reheating the cinnamon rolls in a preheated oven at a low temperature (around 300°F or 150°C) for a few minutes. This method helps to preserve the texture.
  4. Freezing:
    • If you want to store the cinnamon rolls for an extended period, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then place them in a sealed, freezer-safe bag. Thaw and reheat when ready to enjoy.
  5. Avoid Refrigerating Too Long:
    • While the refrigerator is suitable for short-term storage, avoid keeping the cinnamon rolls refrigerated for an extended period, as this can affect their texture and freshness.
  6. Quality Check:
    • Before serving reheated cinnamon rolls, check their texture. If they appear dry, consider adding a small piece of damp paper towel when reheating to add moisture.

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Nutritional Value (Fats & Calories)

The nutritional value of Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar can vary based on the specific brands and quantities of ingredients used. Additionally, factors like portion size and optional ingredients (such as nuts) can impact the overall nutritional content. Below is a general breakdown of the main components:

Per Serving (assuming 12 servings):

  • Calories: Around 350-400 kcal
  • Total Fat: 20-25g
  • Saturated Fat: 10-15g
  • Cholesterol: 50-70mg
  • Sodium: 250-300mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 40-50g
  • Dietary Fiber: 1-2g
  • Sugars: 20-25g
  • Protein: 4-6g

NOTE: The heavy whipping cream and brown sugar contribute significantly to the calorie and fat content.

FAQs to Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

These are some most frequently asked questions about Rhodes cinnamon rolls recipe.

Q1: What does pouring heavy cream on cinnamon rolls do?

Answer: Pouring heavy cream on cinnamon rolls adds richness and creaminess to the dish. It enhances the texture, providing a velvety and indulgent consistency. The heavy cream also contributes to the overall flavor profile, creating a luscious and moist result.

Q2: How do you make Rhodes cinnamon rolls rise faster?

Answer: To expedite the rising process of Rhodes cinnamon rolls, consider placing the rolls in a warm environment. This can be achieved by preheating your oven to a low temperature, turning it off, and then placing the rolls inside. Additionally, covering the rolls with a damp, warm cloth or plastic wrap can create a favourable environment for faster rising.

Q3: How do you cook Rhodes Giant cinnamon rolls?

Answer: To cook Rhodes Giant cinnamon rolls, follow the package instructions provided by Rhodes. Typically, preheat your oven to the recommended temperature, place the rolls in a greased baking dish, and bake until golden brown. Adjust the baking time if needed, ensuring the rolls are fully cooked in the centre.

Q4: How do you bake Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls?

Answer: Baking Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls is a straightforward process. Thaw and let the rolls rise according to the package instructions. Preheat your oven, arrange the risen rolls in a baking dish, and bake until they achieve a golden-brown color and are cooked through. Follow the specific temperature and time recommendations on the package.

Q5: Why are my cinnamon rolls not fluffy?

Answer: Several factors can affect the fluffiness of cinnamon rolls. Ensure that you are using fresh yeast and allowing the dough to rise adequately. Overmixing the dough or rolling it too tightly can lead to a denser texture. Additionally, be cautious of overbaking, as this can result in dry and less fluffy cinnamon rolls.

Q6: Why do you put milk in cinnamon rolls?

Answer: Milk is often added to cinnamon roll dough for its richness and the soft texture it imparts to the baked goods. The fats and proteins in milk contribute to a tender and moist crumb, enhancing the overall quality of the cinnamon rolls. The milk also adds a subtle flavour that complements the sweet and spiced nature of the rolls.

rhodes cinnamon rolls recipe

Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with heavy Cream

Serves: 12 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 350 calories 25 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
( 2 voted )


  • 1 package of Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
  • 1/4 cup melted butter (for brushing)


  1. Thaw and Rise: Follow package instructions to thaw and let the cinnamon rolls rise until doubled in size.
  2. Preheat Oven: Preheat the oven as per package instructions.
  3. Prepare Baking Dish: Brush the baking dish with melted butter to prevent sticking.
  4. Arrange Rolls: Place rose cinnamon rolls in the dish, leaving space between each.
  5. Drizzle with Cream: Pour heavy whipping cream evenly for richness.
  6. Sprinkle Brown Sugar: Sprinkle brown sugar for a sweet, nutty flavour during baking.
  7. Optional Nuts: Add chopped nuts for extra texture and flavour.
  8. Bake: Bake according to package instructions until golden brown.
  9. Cool and Serve: Allow a brief cooling period before serving warm for the best taste and texture.
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Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar offer a delightful fusion of flavors and textures, creating a rich and indulgent treat. The soft and spiced cinnamon rolls, enhanced by the velvety touch of heavy whipping cream and the caramelized sweetness of brown sugar, come together to form a decadent dessert or breakfast option.

This recipe allows for customization and presents a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on various occasions, from special breakfasts and brunches to comforting desserts or snacks. The American-inspired cuisine showcased in these cinnamon rolls reflects a love for sweet indulgence and the enjoyment of rich, satisfying flavors.

Whether served warm out of the oven or stored for later enjoyment, the combination of ingredients and careful preparation offers a memorable culinary experience. From the rising of the dough to the final presentation, Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Whipping Cream and Brown Sugar capture the essence of a comforting and delicious homemade treat, sure to be savored by those who indulge in its sweet and creamy allure.

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